How To Get My Confidence Back After A Divorce

How To Help Your Child Be Confident
How To Help Your Child Be Confident
August 16, 2015

 Getting Your Groove Back After A Divorce

Can I get my groove back after divorce? Of course you can with effort, self-focus , determination and maybe a little help from your friends. It all begin with you taking care of yourself. This is the one time in your life you need to be a bit selfish. Don’t rush through. It’s a journey! Here are some steps you can take to cope with the loss of your divorce. There is nothing more emotionally straining, and you can feel overwhelmed! Keep yourself from dwelling on past and move forward on a path to the future.


4 Steps On The Path To Self-Confidence

  1. Take Time For Yourself
    Going through a divorce is beyond stressful. Give yourself a break; you deserve it. Treat yourself with kindness and begin your new journey towards a new life that you desire. Take the time to learn how to care for yourself. Go get a massage or have a night out with the girls.
  2. Purge Your Feelings
    Ending a marriage is difficult and it takes time to unravel your confused feelings. It is essential that you grant yourself permission to grieve the loss of your marriage. Before you can release your feelings of hurt, sadness and-oh-yes-fear you need to stop denying you have these feelings. Instead embrace your feelings and move through them to the other side.
  3. Find A Passion
    Were you authentic in your marriage? Did you do everything you wanted with no questions asked? Now you are free to embrace those passions you have always had. Go for it! Live your life. Take that tennis class you always wanted to or find a new career path. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your life again. Try not to get stuck in those angry, immobilizing feelings towards your ex, because you are preventing yourself from getting your groove on.
  4. Get A Social Network
    Everyone needs support when they are going through troubling times. Divorce is no different. Be careful who you are surrounding yourself with. You will benefit from family and friends who can be supportive and trusted. Also, make an effort to meet new people who offer you new energy.

Dr. Sue Cornbluth is a nationally recognized parenting expert in high conflict parenting situations. She is a regular mental health contributor for an array of networks and television shows such as NBC, FOX and CBS. Dr. Sue has also contributed to several national publications. Her new best-selling book,Building Self Esteem in Children and Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered is available now. To find out more about her work, please visit Dr. Sue’s website.

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