Kiersten Pugh

I would like to thank Dr. Sue for reuniting a lost mother and daughter who have been alienated from each other for many years. Hello my name is Kiersten P. and I am a mother that had her daughter ripped from her life due to Parental Alienation. I tried everything, talked to anyone that would listen, and I asked for help, but never had any luck through the courts, which I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting for my daughter. I found Dr. Sue Cornbluth’ s website and simply wrote to her “please help me,” and what I found with her changed our lives. She taught me through coaching how to talk to my child in a way that made her trust me again and realize that I was not the enemy that she was told I was. I was a mess, I had no fight left in me, and every time I spoke to Dr. Sue, I began finding myself and loving myself again, and she gave me the courage to keep fighting for my daughter and to never stop. I have spoken to several therapists over the years but with no avail. No one spoke to me and uplifted me like Dr. Sue. She spoke to me in a way that made me realize she cared, kind of like a mom, a woman that cares about our children. I started receiving messages from my daughter for the first time in almost three years, I was in shock and so happy to hear her voice again, something that I had wished for finally happened. After two sessions with Dr. Sue, my child asked me if she could come for the weekend. WOW, I was getting my baby back. Dr. Sue taught me how to re- bond with my daughter in the right way that brought her back to me. I am having regular visits now and even having her on random days, I couldn’t be happier my child is BACK in our lives. I owe all this to Dr. Sue, because without her I believe my daughters bond with me would have been severed forever, as that was the direction it was heading.

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