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Full of useful advice and effective techniques, this book is ideal for foster and adoptive parents, social workers, counselors and therapists, as well as other professionals working with children who are fostered or adopted.

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Come with your broken heart and share your pain. Learn how to work through your frustration and helplessness. Discover new tools to manage your stress.

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Dr. Sue is proud to offer webinars that are designed to coach you through parental alienation. Certificate & Letter of Completion Given to Parents Upon Completion.

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About Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue Cornbluth, also known as “Dr. Sue,” is not afraid to express her direct opinions about the most controversial topics and is often referred to as a “power house” for child advocacy. Dr. Sue is a regular mental health contributor for an array of networks and television shows, and has contributed to several national publications including, Associated Press, US Weekly, Parenting, and the Huffington Post. She can speak on a wide range of issues including, divorce, child abuse, parenting issues, estranged relationships and current events.

About Ashley, M.S.

When she was 8 years old, Ashley went through a life altering experience when her parents divorced. Many years later, Ashley decided that she wanted to educate parents on how to move their children through the divorce process. Ashley Romisher, M.S. is a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Coach in High Conflict Divorce and Parental Alienation. Ashley received a psychology degree from Pennsylvania State University and later graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a Master's of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She also has a concentration in child and adolescent psychology. As a child of divorce, she brings her first-hand experience of working with families of divorce. Her expertise is in teaching divorced parents how to communicate with their alienated children. Ashley believes that every divorced child needs to feel that their voice is being heard.
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91Success Rate
258Seminars Given
178Media Appearances

Why Parent Coaching Is For You


Gives you the inner strength you need to move forward in your parenting situation.


Getting over your fears and moving forward in a positive direction.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Breathe, relax, and become the healthiest parent you can be.



I just wanted to take a minute to praise Dr. Sue Cornbluth and her staff. They are highly effective at reuniting children with alienated parents. In my case, my daughter refused to speak to interact with me in any way, shape, or form. My daughter made up lies about me and my wife and said horrible, hurtful, things in court. It was tearing me apart and destroying my life. Traditional psychological help was not working. This when on for over 4 years. Dr. Sue and her staff identified the hidden issues and got us communicating again. It was slow at first with a lot of hurtful exchanges but today we see each other and enjoy each other's company. I can't relay how impossible or remote this outcome seemed. Things are still improving and with time will get even better.