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What Do You Get When You Enroll in Dr. Sue & U Divorce University?

You listen to Ashley Gemi and I on the radio. You see us on TV and listen to our webinars where we talk about how we reunite parents with their alienated children.

Do you ever wonder what is in our self empowering High Conflict Divorce University that has helped over 65,000 people reunite with their alienated children?

Inside you will find tools, techniques and strategies that we use daily with our clients to bring real results.

Once You Get Started

You will find tools and take your first step forward to reunite with your child.

You will learn to talk to your alienated children and have the script to do it!

You will know what to say and when to say it to create a peaceful connection in the worse of chaotic times.

We will teach you the language you need to communicate effectively with you ex spouse.

You will also learn how to combat your ex’s negative communication that is pushing you over the edge!

When you think about it in this way it seems believable that his could happen for you doesn’t it?

That is not all that is included in our Divorce Classroom. In fact, it is just the beginning!

This program is something that you will have at your finger tips at all times. Once you purchase it you own it!!

So what do you say? Let’s get started!

15Years Experience
91Success Rate (%)
258Seminars Given
178Media Appearances

What this Learning Program Gives You


Gives you the inner strength you need to move forward in your parenting situation.


Getting over your fears and moving forward in a positive direction.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Breathe, relax, and become the healthiest parent you can be.


“Coaching was not an option for me so I was searching for something that could help me with my parental alienation situation that would give me the tips I needed to make some progress. Dr. Sue & U Divorce University really surprised me. The information in these webinars were very helpful. They helped me to write a letter to my alienated 14 year old son after 2 years of no contact and we have turned a corner.”

– (Jim, Alienated Dad, Canada)

“The best thing I ever did was purchase this plan to set a structured parenting plan with my ex-spouse. We were at each other’s throats before we did this. The Court actually accepted it!”

– (Divorced Mother)

About Dr. Sue

Dr. Sue Cornbluth is a certified parenting expert, coach and thought leader with international recognition. Her specialty is high conflict divorce and parental alienation syndrome. She is a regular contributor as a mental health expert for network television stations including NBC, Fox and CBS and is a best-selling author.

Dr. Sue currently hosts “Real Divorce Talk” on 860AM-Talk Radio, “The Dr. Sue Show” podcast and “Dr. Sue and You” on RVNTV. These shows focus on helping people move through difficult relationships.

In 2013 Dr. Sue established Parenting Beyond Trauma, LLC, a consulting firm working with parents to help them successfully move through their high conflict divorce situation. She accomplishes this by educating, coaching and guiding parents and professionals.

Dr. Sue has served as a child abuse and victims’ rights expert. The exposure she gained as a lead expert during the Jerry Sandusky trial directly contributed to the growing demand for her guidance and expert opinion. She has gained global recognition and is contracted for speaking engagements around the world. Dr. Sue was recognized as one of the country’s most distinctive women by The Women’s Distinctive Business Magazine. She also received the “Top Advocate and Professor for Human Rights” award by The Good Will Ambassador of World Peace.

Dr. Sue She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and was a psychology professor at Temple University. She resides in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

About Ashley Gemi, M.S.

Ashley Gemi is a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Coach in High Conflict Divorce and Parental Alienation. She joined Dr. Sue & Associates, LLC in 2014. Ashley received a psychology degree from Pennsylvania State University and later graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a Master of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She also has a concentration in child and adolescent psychology.

When Ashley was 8 years old, she went through a life altering experience when her parents divorced. Many years later, she decided to educate parents on how to move their children through the divorce process.

As a child of divorce, she brings her first-hand experience to help parents reconnect with their children. Her expertise is in teaching divorced parents how to communicate with their alienated children. Ashley believes that every divorced child needs to feel that their voice is being heard.