Here's what our clients have to say

“Thank you Dr. Sue & Associates you gave me back hope and a relationship with my daughter and grandchildren. I never thought this was possible!

– (Ruth C., Alienated Grandmother)

“Coaching was not an option for me so I was searching for something that could help me with my parental alienation situation that would give me the tips I needed to make some progress. Dr. Sue & U Divorce University really surprised me. The information in these webinars were very helpful. They helped me to write a letter to my alienated 14 year old son after 2 years of no contact and we have turned a corner.”

– (Jim, Alienated Dad, Canada)

“The best thing I ever did was purchase this plan to set a structured parenting plan with my ex-spouse. We were at each other’s throats before we did this. The Court actually accepted it!”

– (Divorced Father)

“I’ve been drinking up the links on your radio show and purchased all your courses… You are so on the mark, yet so humbled about what you’re saying, that it makes it very easy to accept your guidance. No judgment. Just facts with empathy, and incredible clarity. I can’t get enough. I wish I had you in my life decades ago. I love who you are… I love you..!! Thank you for being here, helping us through this heart wrenching trauma.”

– (Danielle, Alienated Mother of 2, New York)

“The breakthrough parent alienation webinar literally changed my life. I learned how to reconnect with my ex husband which I thought would never be possible. It taught me how to change my mindset and understand my alienated daughter’s feelings. If you are an alienated parent you need to take this course.”

– (Maggie, Grateful Alienated Mother, California)

“Finding Dr. Sue and working with Ashley has been a Godsend. I was not able to directly communicate with my 18-year-old daughter for over a year with the exception of email. I had been blocked in every other line of communication. I began working with Ashley in March 2019. We met weekly by phone and followed the plan she set out based on responses we received from either my daughter’s stepmother or my daughter herself. Ashley’s plan helped me avoid impulsive communication based on emotion and allowed me to make myself wait one week before responding. This was very helpful in my overall anxiety over the situation and helped me to be calm and friendly in my communication with my daughter. She agreed to spend the weekend with me at the end of July 2019, and since that time we have regular communication and visits. Our relationship may never be the same as it was when she was 13, but through Ashley’s help, I have my daughter back in my life and could not be more grateful. The investment in my daughter was well worth the money.”

– (Divorced Father)

“Think of writing up your parenting plan in the way that you did a research report. Include the plan, reports of supplemental documentation, legal documents and relevant information for helping others understand what you think is in the best interest of your child.

This course was so helpful to my family court case. The judge appreciated that I completed this course online. It also helped me to reunite with my kids.”

– (Sarah, Reunited Mother)

“I again apologized with tears in my eyes for the mistakes I had made i talked bad about her dad, get upset over small things.. I also said that i wasn’t sure why I did this this last year but I am truly sorry. She knows I haven’t done this any other time than this past year. She agreed. When I apologized I told her to talk to me about anything that upsets her that I do and we can work through it. She said “ thank you and I love you” this was a pivotal moment for us and I wanted to follow up on the change in her. I also asked her if I can come to her with things that she does that are hurting me… very productive conversation. Again, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the Awareness that Ashely and Dr Sue have given me. This really does work. Happy New year.

– (Dana B)