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Divorce is a family situation that can cause a great deal of turmoil in your life. There are important decisions to be made and you need the right people working on your behalf to help guide you down a road that does not always have a guaranteed outcome.

Society tells us that we should turn to lawyers and the family court system when divorce occurs. As many of you know that often backfires. Here at Parenting Beyond Trauma, LLC we offer you the tools and techniques that no one else will tell you about when it comes to navigating through high conflict divorce.

When you experience trauma you may feel stressed, anxious and unsure of your future. You may not know where to go for help. When you are separated from your children due to the court process you need to learn how to stay close with your children so you can maintain a healthy, trusting relationship. You also have to learn how to remain civil with your ex. Most of all “You” need to empower yourself to take control of what you can control.

Each week I will be offering you a news letter that will give you my ground breaking tips to help you break through and beyond high conflict divorce and parent alienation.

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