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There are many factors that go into your divorce, one of them being your children. In many conflicted divorces children are the deciding factor. When a child is acting out against a parent during this time the court can appoint an analysis. When this happens you need an expert to come in and assist in determining the best future for the children. Finding someone who is qualified and able to perform this task can be difficult. There are plenty of services out there that claim they have the expertise. They're also impersonal and costly. If you wish to avoid the same pattern that these experts thrive on then you need Dr. Sue.

Dr. Sue is a expert in high conflict divorce and specialist in parental alienation. She works with clients that are going through the same as you on a daily basis. She works with all different situations, but what separates her from the competitors is that she treats each client as unique individuals. Her ability to help divorcing couples communicate properly is renowned. This communication is important to the welfare of your children! She is also able to connect on an emotional level with her clients, which makes her a perfect candidate for courtroom analysis. She uses these connections to work through conflicting emotions. Sometimes in the midst of your divorce children become influenced by the energy around them.

Don't Let the Stresses of Court Get in the Way

Your children's future is most important. An outside view may be just what you need for the court to make a just and fair decision. Dr. Sue's view is not just from the outside, but it's genuine and real. You'll not only be given insight into how your children are processing your divorce, but insight on how to improve your own. There is a team effort when working with Dr. Sue. The judge may need an additional opinion, but you'll get more than that with Dr. Sue. Don't let the future of your children be determined by indifferent voices.

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