Preparation is Key!

In a divorce it's the voices that make a difference within a case. Your voice and theirs so you need to make sure that what you say gets a response. You aren't in a heavy divorce to simply part ways, you're looking for closure. However, you want this closure to be fair to you. How can you do that? After all this isn't a criminal case, there's no scientific evidence to echo your voice. So who can you turn to? Dr. Sue Cornbluth has the voice. She has the credibility as an expert in high conflict divorce care to bring your voice to the front of the courtroom. She works closely and personally with her clients, she provides support as well as preparation for the courtroom and can step in as a witness to your cause. Dr. Sue invites you in to sit with her for 30 minutes, totally free.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Those 30 minutes helps Dr. Sue to pair you with a courtroom plan to help your voice get heard. She starts by making sure you're able to properly communicate with your ex the day of the trial. She then works with you to come up with a way to keep whatever relationship between you and your ex civil and peaceful. Finally, she stands in as a witness at court. As a witness she will provide an insight to your voice. Preparation for the court date will be the duration of your visits with Dr. Sue and she uses those records as well to help your cause. Dr. Sue has the skills and knowledge to sit in as an official witness and makes sure the needs of her clients is met in full. She is especially able to help in custody cases and seeks the safest option for all children involved.

If you feel that your ex is pushing your voice down it's time for you to speak up, don't let your closure become an ongoing chapter. Reach out to us today and let your voice ring out.

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