Parental Alienation Reversal Coaching

What Really Matters to You?

When you have children your desire is to provide them with the best. You want them to be happy and healthy. You also want them to know how much you love them, even when things are bad. How bad is bad though? Experts believe that children that grow up in divorced homes grow up differently. They also believe that divorces with more conflict can leave a lasting impression as well. Impressions of aggression, hurt and the lack of a positive future relationship. Of course, you want to avoid that possibility. You're willing to keep the conflict to a minimum and you're able to remain civil with your ex-spouse. But, let's say the trial is over and the custody of your children is split equally. How can you know what goes on behind closed doors?

A common problem seen throughout distressing divorces is that children receive two different home lives. You're a good parent, you've provided well for your children and constantly give them affection. You're comfortable in your role in their life. Until they change that role. Suddenly your children are hostile. They're hard to reach. They show disdain or little interest in you and you don't know why. Dr. Sue knows why. It's called parental alienation and it's common in divorces that are more climatic than others. Children from these divorces can become swayed into believing one (in their minds the bad parent) of their parents is solely to blame for their current situation. The other parent (in their minds the good parent) plants ideas and keeps nurturing this behavior until your children hold true and strong resentment.

Your Chance for Peace of Mind

If this sounds a little too familiar you may be on the outside looking in. How do you help change this situation? Dr. Sue has the resources and she has the capability to give those resources to you. To make sure that you're getting the right help Dr. Sue will meet with you for a free consultation meeting and from there as a team you and her will come up with a way to bridge this gap. Dr. Sue's sessions last an hour and are available in three different ways; phone, Skype and in office. These sessions will teach you how to approach and communicate with your children properly in this situation. You will also be given specific techniques to start applying to your children. These actions will help bring your children back to you, without damaging their relationship with your ex-spouse.

You want nothing but the best for your children. Dr. Sue wants nothing but the best for you. As a team, let's see what we can do.

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