Strategic Planning For Family Cases

Preparing for Court

How do you prepare for a court case where your children's futures are at stake? How do you move on from there? How can you keep the balance and peace for your children?

It can become overwhelming when you think of all the unknowns. Especially when these unknowns are so life changing. To children this change will be life altering and in some cases extraordinarily difficult. There are ways, however, to make these transitions easier! Steps that you can take to make your children and their new life stable and consistent. It may be a struggle. It may be tiring and hard to manage, but you can do it. And we can help.

Your Chance for Peace of Mind

Dr. Sue Cornbluth has a team completely designated to the welfare of your life and your children's lives after a divorce. Since each situation is different, Dr. Sue personally pairs divorced families with a team member that can help them manage their new life style. By working with our team you will be able to improve your time management skills. You'll also be able to grow within your role as a single parent with reinforcement from us so you won't fail. Divorce can be hard to manage and split custody can seem impossible, but with Dr. Sue your fears and concerns will be acknowledged and worked on. As a team you all will be able to come to some sort of agreement in terms of parenting plans, how to communicate with lawyers in the future and how to work through and manage these new emotions. Dr. Sue's results are real.

You shouldn't feel like you're alone. The help you may need is closer than you think and for Dr. Sue it's all about you. Don't let those feelings of anxiety come between you and your child. After all, this is just as new to you as it is to them.

How can we help you?

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