Dr. Sue’s Most Requested Topics


Transform Yourself from Victim to Survivor

  • Embrace your Healing Process
  • Let Go of your Past
  • Move Towards your Future

It’s Not Where you Start- It’s Where you Finish that Matters

  • Find your Inner Srength to Make Positive Changes in your Life
  • Embrace “Life Experiences” and turn them into Success
  • Take your Inner passion and run with it

The Art of Co-Parenting: Divorce is not the End of your Relationship!

  • Learn Ways to Co-Parent Your Children
  • Communicate as parents not spouses
  • Have your voice heard in your parenting relationship

Re-Bond with your Alienated Child

  • Stop feeling Intimidated by the alienating parent
  • Reach out to and reconnect with your alienated child
  • Be a proactive parent

Building Self-Esteem with Foster and Adopted Children

  • Create a safe pace in order to build a trusting relationship
  •  Help your child build resiliency, self -worth and self -respect
  • Learn how to talk openly to your foster or adopted child

Empowering Yourself- Empowering your Children!

  • Identify when you need extra help
  • Learn when to take  “Me” time to be an effective parent
  • Transform your inner-self