Client Testimonials

Temple Student

“Dr. Sue is unlike any professor I've ever had in the best possible way. She creates the warmest, most comfortable learning experience possible. She is so kind, helpful and down to earth. Psychology can sometimes be complex and dry, but there was never a day I didn't look forward to going to her class. I have learned so much in her classes not only about the subject matter, but about myself. I am a shy person who has a lot to say, but normally holds back. I always felt comfortable participating and did so because Dr. Sue made me feel comfortable. She never judges anything you say, nor makes you feel wrong or stupid. She consistently made me realize through her course that I am in the right place as a Psych major. She makes everything so interesting and relevant to your own life. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Lisa, B

As a divorced mother of three, I value Dr. Sue's expert advice. She has provided me and my family with the tools so that our blended family is healthy and happy. Within our family we have an autistic child and with Dr. Sue's help I have been able to learn how to support his needs because I have had Dr. Sue as my parenting coach. I have become a better mother, wife and person because of Dr. Sue's guidance.

Molly M. Physican, Ny City

Physican, Ny City

Previously to contacting Dr. Sue, I had been referred to some of the top professionals in NY city for help in being estranged from my children, but no one could help me with my situation. Dr. Sue understood my situation from the beginning. She was compassionate honest and direct. Dr. Sue has the upmost integrity and compassion for parents like myself who are struggling to co-parent with their ex-spouse. I learned a great deal of information from our sessions and practical hands-on tools for everyday life. She has been instrumental in helping me redefine my role as a mother in my children's altered lives. I have been very fortunate to work with Dr. Sue. She is a beacon of hope and strength in helping parents regain trust, hope and belief in themselves in difficult parenting situations.

Mike M. (Fla)

In two months time, Dr. Sue has helped me to turn a living nightmare with my children and ex-spouse into a manageable situation. She has helped me to empower myself to become proactive instead of helpless. Her techniques create change and have helped me to regain a positive relationship with my estranged children. Dr. Sue's unique coaching methods also helped my attorney in the court room. As far as I am concerned there is no one as dedicated or helpful when it comes to helping parents with alienation than Dr. Sue.

Kiersten Pugh

Grateful Mom

I would like to thank Dr. Sue for reuniting a lost mother and daughter who have been alienated from each other for many years. Hello my name is Kiersten P. and I am a mother that had her daughter ripped from her life due to Parental Alienation. I tried everything, talked to anyone that would listen, and I asked for help, but never had any luck through the courts, which I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting for my daughter. I found Dr. Sue Cornbluth’ s website and simply wrote to her "please help me," and what I found with her changed our lives. She taught me through coaching how to talk to my child in a way that made her trust me again and realize that I was not the enemy that she was told I was. I was a mess, I had no fight left in me, and every time I spoke to Dr. Sue, I began finding myself and loving myself again, and she gave me the courage to keep fighting for my daughter and to never stop. I have spoken to several therapists over the years but with no avail. No one spoke to me and uplifted me like Dr. Sue. She spoke to me in a way that made me realize she cared, kind of like a mom, a woman that cares about our children. I started receiving messages from my daughter for the first time in almost three years, I was in shock and so happy to hear her voice again, something that I had wished for finally happened. After two sessions with Dr. Sue, my child asked me if she could come for the weekend. WOW, I was getting my baby back. Dr. Sue taught me how to re- bond with my daughter in the right way that brought her back to me. I am having regular visits now and even having her on random days, I couldn't be happier my child is BACK in our lives. I owe all this to Dr. Sue, because without her I believe my daughters bond with me would have been severed forever, as that was the direction it was heading.

Anzio Williams

News Director NBC10, Philadelphia

She brings parents the information they need-that's why we keep having her back.

Cailin James

Founder, The Humanitarian Alliance

I have worked with Dr. Sue now for approximately two years and can say with absolute confidence I have never come across a more dedicated, informed, or competent child advocate.

Brad Segall

CBS Radio

An amazing advocate for kids, parents and one of my favorite people.

Bryan Moore

Producer "The Insider CBS"

A true, professional and shining star in this crazy media business.

John Lynch

Temple University, Class Of 2014

The best professor ever at Temple University. I want to take all of her classes. She lets us open our minds to our passions.

Mark, Reunited Dad

I was so impressed with Dr. Sue's knowledge, expertise and useful advice when it came to my horrific parental alienation situation. In such a short time she helped me to turn my living nightmare into a manageable situation and helped me from feeling extremely helpless to extremely powerful. She gave me the tools but most importantly gave me back my relationship with my kids.

Sherri, Reunited Mom

Dr. Sue's techniques changed my life and my relationship with my kids. No one was able to help me reunify with them until I met her and started working with her. He methods are unlike anyone out there-she is a pure genius when it comes to dealing with parental alienation.

John Lynch

The best professor ever at Temple University. I want to take all of her classes. She lets us open our minds to our passions.