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Proven Solutions to Parental Conflict




"You can choose to become the solution to any conflict within your life!"

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Dr. Sue & Her Team Solve Divorce &
Parental Alienation Conflicts With Compassion

Are you ready to begin your compassion journey to healing and reconnection?



There is not one person in this universe that has not experienced something painful in their lives, me included. My journeys lead me down a road to do my work in high conflict divorce and parental alienation. My story however is probably not what you think.


Just like others, I have had my struggles in life. I have felt down, scared, helpless, and panicked. At times, I thought I would never get up again. I know you know that feeling very well as a high conflict divorced parent. I am here to tell you that being down has empowered me to reach levels within myself I did not know existed.


I do not believe in giving up! I believe in becoming a healed person by developing self-compassion.  I believe that with support, tools, encouragement, and self-belief that “hope” exists in the worst of circumstances. Situations can and will change that is a fact but no one can take hope away from you except yourself.


I have crawled out of many dark holes to see light! I have been divorced individuals teammates when they thought all was lost. So many of these courageous men and women have prevailed when they believed they could not!


You were given this life for one reason only because you are strong enough to live it! So connect with me and be my partner in changing your mindset to reunite with your children. Nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy but in the end, it sure is worth it!


"Always remember compassion heals conflict!"

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Everyone Needs a Little Dr. Sue

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You can never solve conflict with conflict!

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