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Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Family Mental Health
Educational Foundation

Our foundation seeks to educate, entertain, and heal through TV programming, Telehealth services and podcasts dedicated to mental health. We raise awareness, spark important conversations with experts and celebrities, and provide the tools to navigate through today's mental health struggles. But what sets us apart? We offer solutions, backed by professionals, to help you make informed choices about your own emotional health.


Our mission is anchored in the belief that good mental health equals great physical health. Everyone is touched by mental health issues, and we're here to extend a helping hand.


To make our TV programs and podcasts globally successful and build our telehealth platform offering scholarships to families and individuals in need, we need your help. We've already invested considerable resources into this mission. With your donation, no matter how small or large, we can reach more people, change more lives, and bring this vision to reality.


It's staggering that 70% of people suffering from mental illness are not receiving help. Doesn't that strike a chord with you? If so, click on the donation button below and join us in improving mental health awareness, support, and education. Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible!


Remember, your investment here is an investment in a better life and a better world. Let's together offer a beacon of hope to those navigating their emotional health. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. Together I know we will accomplish great things! 

Dr. Sue Cornbluth


Foundation, Inc.

Helping Families & Individuals Receive the Mental Health Resources and Education they Deserve to Thrive!


We provide solutions to the mental health crisis facing families and individuals globally by providing solutions through television, podcasts and Telehealth programming.

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